The Launch Drop

An homage to our roots! Below are the highly praised pieces from our first drop back when we launched on November 1st 2021!


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Adversity Breeds Growth - HoodieAdversity Breeds Growth - Hoodie
Adversity Breeds Growth - Hoodie Sale price€54,95 EUR
Adversity Breeds Growth - TeeAdversity Breeds Growth - Tee
Adversity Breeds Growth - Tee Sale price€38,95 EUR
Cloudy Day - HoodieCloudy Day - Hoodie
Cloudy Day - Hoodie Sale price€54,95 EUR
Cloudy Day - TeeCloudy Day - Tee
Cloudy Day - Tee Sale price€38,95 EUR
Glitch - HoodieGlitch - Hoodie
Glitch - Hoodie Sale price€54,95 EUR
Glitch - TeeGlitch - Tee
Glitch - Tee Sale price€38,95 EUR
Not Ashamed To Be Human - HoodieNot Ashamed To Be Human - Hoodie
Not Ashamed To Be Human - Hoodie Sale price€54,95 EUR
Not Ashamed To Be Human - TeeNot Ashamed To Be Human - Tee
Not Ashamed To Be Human - Tee Sale price€38,95 EUR
The Overthinker - HoodieThe Overthinker - Hoodie
The Overthinker - Hoodie Sale price€54,95 EUR
The Overthinker - TeeThe Overthinker - Tee
The Overthinker - Tee Sale price€38,95 EUR