Rings of Growth - Tee

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Color: White
Size: S

Much like the growth rings of a tree, we are shaped by the dark and light seasons of our life. When you are going through challenging times it may feel like you are standing still, but key opportunities for growth often stem from navigating the challenges you are dealt. As you work through obstacles, you become stronger and more resilient to life's storms. 

Wear this piece as a symbol of how you overcome obstacles and grow from them:
How do you grow through what you go through? 

Customer Reviews

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So good, my brother stole it!

I ordered the 'Rings of Growth' tee in black and sent it to my family's place. Once I came home, my brother got his hands on it, took it, and didn't even leave me a chance to try it on...

I guess I should better get my hands on another one!

Better than in the picture!

Looks even better in real life! I didn't look well when purchasing and was surprised that the text was on the front and rings on the back.

Laura Gillissen
New favorite tee

This T-shirt is no less than amazing!! The quality of the fabric is really good and it was delivered quickly after I ordered. I literally use it for everything - school/gym/sleep, it looks great anywhere I go and the color does not bleed in the wash. Love it :))