Issue I: Seasons of Change

Issue I: Seasons of Change

Welcome To Dis-course

Welcome, dear reader, to the first issue of ‘the Dis-course’; the Dis-Order apparel newsletter. I would like to start by introducing this space and its purposes. We, at Dis-Order, are very aware of the interpersonal disconnect that seems to persist in a post-pandemic world. With higher rates of anxiety, depression, and a looming sense of dread for the state of the world, the rift seems to grow larger and run deeper. For this reason we believe it is of paramount importance now, more than ever before, to reconnect and to form communities; as well as to inform ourselves and one another. We believe that active effort and initiative needs to be taken to achieve this reconnection.
Dis-course aims to be that platform in which we can inform you on different mental health issues alongside starting conversations. It will explore topics of mental health through both informative and opinion pieces. Ranging in topics from to how grief can present itself; to resolutions; to self reliance and many topics in between, this will be a multifaceted space that covers a lot of ground. We aim for these topics to spark thought and discussion amongst our readers. We do not want this to remain a monologue. There are plenty of sources out there that will tell you how yoga and sun salutations will cure your depression. Whilst we wholeheartedly agree with the merits of exercise and vitamin D for one's mental health, we want to provide something a bit more vulnerable and genuine than the surface level waffle imparted by countless pop-psychology resources. 
Our aim is for this to be an interactive space rather than an ultimately futile one sided lecture. For this reason, the Dis-course newsletter platform is fully open to submissions. We encourage you to share your thoughts, poetry, lyrics, sketches; anything related to or inspired by the topic of mental health, expressed through your preferred medium. If it’s in 2D, we will do our very best to include it in our issues. The sky truly is the limit here. One of our mottos and a big part of our company ethos is to “do everything in our power, to empower”. We are here to provide a platform, and hopefully some nourishing food-for-thought which will in turn start satiating discussion. 

“Seasons of Change”: The New Collection

This week, we will be celebrating our first birthday since we launched as a brand, for which we will be hosting an open invite birthday party on the 3rd of November at Peter’s Irish Pub. You can find more details on our social media channels closer to the event. Alongside our undoubtedly incredible party, we are releasing our newest collection: “Seasons of Change”. This collection was not only inspired by the shift from the kiss of the sun to the bite of the frost, but also the changes one personally experiences in moods, emotions, and states. How we transform from the glee of the spring to the gloom of autumn. The phases of life we universally and inevitably go through. Our many mini metamorphoses as individuals, coupled by incessantly crucial growing pains. How we cocoon and dismantle ourselves in order to flourish and thrive as an entirely new being. 
My mother told me once “growth comes from pain”. “I’m tired of growing.” I replied. Granted, dear reader, this bit of wisdom found me in a moment when I was building my cocoon, not prepared for the rain and sleet the weather so capriciously tests us with. I write this now with a much more secure exoskeleton. We, as the Dis-course, want to provide shelter from the bite of that frost and the howl of the wind. As the seasons change, and alongside it so do you, we aim to be a steady rock. To remind you that many butterflies, beetles, and wasps have survived through their metamorphoses. Through our many discussions we want to be a source to remind you to nurture and care for yourself, that you are not alone in your experiences, and that you are seen.
So welcome dear reader, to the first issue of Dis-course. We’re thrilled to have you here. Join us on this journey and share with us what's yet to come.

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